Optima Osrodek Hotelowy
ul. Malborska 65, Krakow, Poland

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The hotel is surrounded with greenery and located in a cosy neighbourhood. The location of the hotel allows for easy and quick transport connections to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. In the vicinity, there is the Kazimierz historic district with cafes frequently patronized by tourists and the famous Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy in Łagiewniki.

What is more, near the hotel there are shopping centres: Tesco in Wielicka Street 259, the Shopping Center Zakopianka in Zakopiańska Street 64, Shopping Mall Solvay Park in Zakopiańska Street 155 and the Shopping Center M1 in Al. Pokoju 67.

Apart from lecture halls we also offer inexpensive hotel rooms, both for organized groups and individual guests and a TV/club room. A huge parking lot and a restaurant along with the aforementioned didactic and hotel facilities constitute a self-contained centre for all types of courses, trainings and conferences. The vicinity of bus and tram routes which connect Malborska Street with the historic city centre is just another of the many advantages the hotel offers.

We offer our assistance in arranging trips: the guide, tickets, bookings, the overview of cultural events. We organize trainings, conferences (the conference room, food and drinks, a computer room, the Internet) and special events.

The transport to the city centre takes about 20 minutes by such buses as no. 103,144,173 (Malborska), 184 (Malborska I - directly near our centre – the route to the city centre), 603, 613 (Kabel – night route) and by such trams as 3, 6, 9, 13, 23, 24, 50 (Kabel). The direct route to the Central Railway Station by such trams as 3, 9, 13, 24, 50 (Kabel).


    - Cordless - Kettles - Cutlery, plates and glasses - Umbrellas - Maps - Guidebooks - Irons - Shoe cleaning accessories


From the Central Railway Station:
At the stop Dworzec Główny (The Railway Station) you should get on the tram no. 9, 13, 24, 34 (direction - Bieżanów Nowy, Kurdwanów). After crossing the bridge over the Vistula River you should get off at the fifth stop (Kabel). You should go through the zebra crossing to Malborska Street through the intersection with Wielicka Street and then along Kamińskiego Street. Optima is located about 400 meters from the second intersection.
A faster and more convenient way to get from the Railway Station to Optima is to take a taxi from the taxi rank located next to the Station. You can get to the taxi rank by lift or stairs. You can also call for “Taxi Lajkonik” on the telephone number 9628. The taxi from the Railway Station should cost about PLN 28-32 .