Football Corner Hostel
Wroblewskiego St. 3/4, Krakow, Poland

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Going to The Royal City of Krakow looking for a place where you can stay and have a magnificent time exploring the attractions of our city?
You can find it all (and more) in our Hostel.
Football Corner Hostel is situated in the center of Krakow. From the train station and the Main Square the most important points of the city it takes just 5 minutes walk.
We are located in the quiet alley near the one of the main street in the center, which makes it easy and simple/effortless/trouble-free to visit main monuments, pubs and shops, if you are shopping maniac accordingly to your plans and preferences.
Our guests we are offering 18 accommodation places in a diversity of unique design of the rooms (i.e. 4, 6 and 8 person rooms are available).
Moreover our guests have at their disposal a fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms (shower or bath - depending on your preference) and a lounge to relax with satellite TV, where you can trace news in brief or support your favorite football club.

Our staff will happily help you find the most interesting sights, show you the best places for a night on the town and make sure your stay in Krakow is exactly what you were looking for! Krakow is like a open book for us therefore feel free to ask our staff for help!!.

We provide free maps of the city and local information about what's on in Krakow. After long day and (even longer night) you will find out that Football Corner Hostel is just a perfect place for socializing.

Looking for a home while away from home - you'll find it in the Football Corner Hostel.

For our guests we are offering:
- Satellite TV (including broadcasts of major sports events for the week)
- Fully equipped kitchen
- Free tea and coffee
- Laptop with free Internet access (WI-FI, throughout the place)
- Iron//Ironing board
- Printer

In the room price you will receive:

- Bed linen
- Key Cabinets
- Bedside lamps



From the Balice Airport:

-Train from Krakow's Balice airport depart every 15 minutes to Main Railway Station
(from 5.14 to 22.44
-Bus - departing from the airport to the city center three bus lines 208. 292 (day bus) and 902 (night bus). Using 292 or 208 take a stop at New Kleparz, than go back and turn left into the Dluga street. After about 500m turn left into the Pędzichw street and after about 50 meters turn right down the Wroblewski street.
If you taking a night bus (line 902) you should take a stop at Basztowa Lot, turn left into the Dluga street. After about 500 m turn right down the Pędzichw street, then after about 50 meters turn right again in the Wroblewski street.

Taxi - The cost of the course by taxi from the airport Balice is about 60 PLN. WARNING! Use only licensed taxis. Official carrier of Balice Airport - TAXI RADIO 19191.

From Krakow Main Railway Station, you can choose the way by foot or by public transport.
If you decide to have a walk than after leaving the station you should go through the Krakow Shopping Center (cannot miss it, just follow the crowd). Then, after leaving the Shopping Center go straight to the Kurniki street which then switches into St. Filip (Sw. Filipa) street.
Go ahead till the end of the street than turn right and again right down the Pędzichw street and then after about 50 m turn right one more time - down the Wroblewski street.

If you choose public transport after leaving the shopping center, go left direction above the underground passage. In the underground passage, turn left on Westerplatte street. When you exit the underpass there is a tram stop. Please take the No. 19 line and stop at Pędzichw, then go back a few meters and turn left into the Pędzichw street and after 50 meters turn right down the Wroblewski street

Taxi - Taxi rate from the train station costs about 12-15 PLN.
WARNING! Use only licensed taxis.